Maureen Van Wart


Registered Physiotherapist

Maureen is a seasoned registered physiotherapist with plenty of clinical experience in both the public and private health care sectors. A graduate from the University of Toronto just over 30 years ago, she maintains faculty status in U of T’s Physiotherapy Department where she strives to lead new physiotherapists into providing excellent evidence-based care using a holistic approach with empathy and compassion for each individual patient. She is also the elected council member for the central region of The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

Maureen owned and operated her own clinic in Brampton for 14 years where she provided one-on-one care to patients of all ages for any injury, illness, or condition, before needing a change after a family tragedy. For 10 years, she consulted within the schools of Peel and York regions providing physiotherapy to children with various special needs and exceptionalities. She continues to work with children with various challenges such as torticollis, Juvenile arthritis, Leg Perthes, decreased muscle tone such as children with Down Syndrome, poor postural control, and developmental delays.

These past 16 and a half years, Maureen has worked at the Brampton Civic Hospital, within all of the inpatient units, including the inpatient paediatric and the inpatient mental health units, before finally transferring to outpatient orthopaedic physiotherapy. There she treated patients with more complicated musculo-skeletal injuries and conditions including but not limited to, post-surgical repairs, non-surgical fractures, significant sprains and strains, post-cancer surgical patients, torticollis, hip dysplasia, osteomyelitis, and brachial plexus injuries. She was also one of the few physiotherapists to provide extensive physiotherapy services to the inpatient mental health units. It continues to be a great passion of hers to work with people with various mental health challenges who are so often misunderstood, and under-served by the health care system. She also consulted at the Peel DAC to assess whether patients required further rehab services beyond the typical 3 months after their MVA.

As an ADP Authorizer, Maureen performs mobility assessments for patients that would benefit from using a walker, rollator, cane or crutches on a more permanent basis.

Maureen holds a special interest in working with athletes of all levels to rehabilitate back to their maximal functional level. This follows her many years serving as the physiotherapist on the bench for men and women’s semi-pro soccer teams and competitive basketball players in Ontario, providing physiotherapy at provincial and national level gymnastic competitions in Mississauga and Brampton, and for female players on the Canadian Women’s Futsal World Cup team who won the silver medal in 2022. As an athlete herself, she truly appreciates what it takes to recover from an injury sustained in any athletic activity.

Recently moving to Hamilton, Maureen joined Thrive Physio’s team to continue her last chapter of providing physiotherapy to the public and encourages direct, one-on-one, individual, holistic, client-centred care. She believes in always practicing one-on-one care and provides everyone with an individual comprehensive treatment plan driven by client-centered goals.

She enjoys providing care to those who have sustained any type of injury to the bone, soft tissue, or joint dislocation, and assists in recovery after any surgical procedure such as a joint replacement, arthroscopic surgery, fractured/broken bone repair, spinal surgery, and any soft tissue repair, and works with individuals coping with any illness or condition such as:

– Arthritis
– MS
– Parkinson
– Osteomyelitis
– Osteoporosis
– Cancer
– and more.